“The target is just ahead, you know what to do.”

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Zerg! Kill stuff! Blow up the whole room! Electrocute! Poison! Burn baby, Burn! This, and some more action is available in Warframe.

They were called Tenno. Warriors of blade and gun: masters of the Warframe armor. Those that survived the old war were left drifting among the ruins. Now they are needed once more.

The Grineer, with their vast armies, are spreading throughout the solar system. A call echoes across the stars summoning the Tenno to an ancient place. They summon you.

Allow the Lotus to guide you. She has rescued you from your cryostasis chamber and given you a chance to survive. The Grineer will find you; you must be prepared. The Lotus will teach you the ways of the Warframes and the secrets to unlocking their powers.

Name of the game is the suits (characters) you can choose to play with. They all come with specific skillset and statistics that you can not change, but you can improve. The difference between players comes from mods used in the warframes, which equal other games talent trees and specs. All mods can be improved up to a hard cap but playing with a starting level warframe is suicidal in anywhere else than the beginner levels, unless you’re into hiding behind your friend’s back. Weapons are rifles, pistols, blades and bows (mainhand and offhand) and they are used together with powers that vary from single/aoe dmg to support and buffs.

Warframe is a third person shooter that you can play solo, with friends or with random groups of four players. It’s free to download with the option of real money purchases from game shop. The game world consists of a solarsystem. Each planet has a set of missions that come available once you’ve completed the adjacent one. If someone else has access to a mission, you can join in the group even if you hadn’t been on the whole planet yet. Planets yield different resources as drops from killed enemies and as rewards for completed missions. Missions also reward parts for crafting new warframes and weapons. Mission types vary from kill everything to rescue and escort and assassination. As a fun factor the mission type can change during the mission, ie you go for a certain goal and halfway the run you hear the orders; screw this, kill them all. One of my favourites is survival, which is largely used for farming mats. In survival mission, you have to keep activating life support pods which drop around the location and in smaller quantities also from killed mobs. On top of normal missions there is alerts, which have rewards you can not get from normal missions.

Graphics of the game is fine level, the repetitive locations might seem a bit boring after more playing (you learn the maps, know where the enemies are most likely waiting.) There isn’t much options to change character looks, suits have their default looks that you can dye to your own liking, and change helmet or back piece, that’s it. You will not be seeing players faces, just the warframes.  Movement is excellent, very parkour-style with jumping, sliding and running against walls. The controls require a bit getting used to, or changing keybindings. There is only two attacks and four skills to use.

The UI is simple and minimal, but works ok once you learn where everything is and how to change your gear. Crafting is simple: gather blueprints, gather mats, click “build” and wait until finished. You can craft miners to farm materials and place them on the planet that has the exact material you happen to need. Miners need to be emptied once full or they will take damage. There is also companions, machines that float around following you and perform tasks according to which mods you install in them, such as combat and gathering loot.

Warframe is not a trinity model, there isn’t really direct healing as such, but shields and a bit of group restore. With improving mods players get higher hp and shield to survive harder enemies. You can join a higher level mission with any starter gear you happen to have, there is no entry requirements, so you might be one-shotted where as your friend just walks by and wonders why you’re laying on your back gasping for air, once again.

Warframe is in open beta (has been for a year) for PC and PS4. It is not an mmo so don’t expect a walk in a park with storyline quests. Grab a weapon of your liking, pack a few friends and go wipe their faces off the planet.

This is war, Tenno.



Ps. Have a laugh @ Shit Lotus says


Twinkle twinkle Wildstar

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Another Wildstar Beta weekend gone, and I’m trying to gather my thoughts about it. First of all I’ll admit that we only played for a couple of hours tops, rest of the gaming hours went to Warframe instead.

Its an mmo, there’s questing, player housing, pvp, raiding, dungeons, adventures, more pvp options I have no clue about, crafting, factions to gain reputation with, bunnies and mechs, overly cute graphics, and whatnot. I shouldn’t be asking for more, so what is the problem then?

After two weekends I still haven’t seen life after level 15, and I haven’t been in one single group run of any kind. The questing was the textbook kill x amount of y mostly, but there is some variation to it (and all the beta user queries are popping after those fun ones only.) Last week I heard about their weird way of handling the beta testers (Bizarre level chart here) based on what level one gained, which I thought was absurd. What else would one spend the first beta they get in, if not testing all possible races, classes and starting areas? Well, apparently Wildstar thinks it would have been better idea to just make one character and boost level it without stopping to look around at all. What a bunch of bs.

I aimed to see the player housing, and although it felt like a nice idea, it was more ready-made than I expected. My experience about player housing comes from SWG, so micromanaging everything would have been fine. Instead you click from menu for example a BBQ spot, and ta-dah, a template based area pops up on your yard. You can change wallpapers, roofs, etc. and choose the surroundings from different weather and landscape options. And at the same time, Star Wars The Old Republic is bringing player housing in the game too, wonder which one of these two has more detailed options to customise it.

The big question is the subscription; would it really make sense to pay monthly fee for the game? Or are those days behind me already? I have no intention to spend hours on it daily, and I assume I won’t be able to make enough cash to buy gametime ig. I would have my trinity group ready, if there was a game everyone liked enough to start it, but right now there’s nothing on the market to take that place. There is some good old ones, but once you’ve seen them, that’s it, there is no going back. I’ve tried that a few times now, but the second time never has the same effect. (Which btw, does not apply to rl things! Completely odd and out of place remark, but I had to say it.)

Comparing the two weekends I’ve seen of it, the first one was quite smooth and fun, second one was buggy and boring. I think the level cap of 17 (since I didn’t go over the ridiculous 30+ earlier) kinda killed the idea to start with, I already tested the races and classes first time and got to level 14, what more could the last 3 levels possibly reveal that I didn’t already see? So I kinda gave up on it right away. And played Warframe instead. More about that in another post.

Meanwhile you could consider ordering me one of these Warframe Ninja Hoodies. Although, I don’t play it ninja style, I just run in to the room and blow up everything three seconds later.


(Odd remark #2: Why the old NCSoft accounts don’t work? I played Aion for a long time and merged accounts when the email about it came, still had to make a new one now for Wildstar because the old one just said the account exists but all games linked to it are long gone. Another bunch of bs.)

Challenge: 15 computer or console games

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Copying here my list for the FB challenge: List 15 computer or console games that have a special place in your heart or have affected your life. Do not use more than 15 minutes on making the list.

Antarctic Adventure (Spectravideo 728 MSX)
Boulder Dash (Commodore 64)
Impossible Mission (Commodore 64)
Bubble Bobble (Commodore 64)
Krakout (Commodore 64)
Planescape: Torment (PC)
Fallout 2 (PC)
Tomb Raider (Xbox) – with the side effect of a never ending hate towards pixel jumping
Halo (Xbox) – perhaps the leader of the whole list
Star Wars Galaxies (MMO) – Perfect. Untill Sonys’s CU.
World of Warcraft (MMO) – Nefa-training till 4 am!
Civilization (PC) – an immortal serie of addiction
Global Agenda (“MMO”, in reality just ava pvp)
Rift (MMO) – Just downloaded this on my pc last week again.
The Secret World (MMO) – I’d probably still play it if I got it to work, but as I’ve written in a previous post… meh.

Wildstar release date is now June 3rd

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There it is! Preorder starting on March 19th and release on June 3rd.

Testing, testing

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Just updated my “Now playing”-list and realized I’m not really playing anything right now.  GW2 addiction faded away, even though my son seems to be still playing it rarely so I might pop online just to help him if needed.

The latest patch brought two new world events to GW2; a permanent world boss (jungle wurm) and another other one for shorter time (don’t even know if it ended yet, haven’t been online to see) – Twisted Marionette in Lornar’s pass. The wurm needed a few days of tactics planning and training before it got killed (by Deso). I went to see it a few times and also did one guild alliance attempt on it, but didn’t see a kill myself. Nice fight that requires more players compared to other stuff in the game.

The Mario event was – to my surprise – pretty much a game killer. The event itself was fun: there is 5 areas (lanes separated by mountain) that all need around 15-25 players in them. All of them start spawning enemies at the same time, and only group at a time goes to second phase which devides the players of that lane to smaller groups that fight a pre-determined boss in a sealed area without being able to help others. All groups must succeed within a time limit, and the whole event needs 5 successful 2-phases.

Now the problem is, that these events happened both on a 2-hour cycle, so every hour one of them started. To start with, only the main instance of LP started to succeed with the Mario event, so that led to players camping the zone to avoid overflow. A few days later nothing else was happening in the game; players were waiting in these world event zones for the next attempt to start, not going anywhere else or doing anything else. Just standing and waiting, afking and alt-tabbing carefully to avoid idle log out. Guild chat got swamped with taxi requests (player joining party instance) to main LP.

The loot from the event was ok even though if it failed, so I can understand why so many wanted to repeat it all day round, but I got fed up with it. Also my other half lost interest in the game which usually means I’m gone soon too. I got emails advertising new content being released this week, but it remains to be seen if I find the motivation to go take a look. Its a nice game as a ftp to keep in reserve installed.

Then what? Testing time. First the Everquest Next Landmark Alpha started. Beta is still over a month away, and there is very little to do yet. Basically all you can do is rum around gathering minerals and wood and then go build stuff. You can build anything that comes in to your mind, but with a limited amount and variety of tools. There is plenty of images online to check what folks have come up with sofar,  some really amazing stuff.

The point is that you can save a template from what you build now, and those templates will carry on to EQN release. That means you don’t have to “waste” game time on release to building your dream castle block by block, you can just get the mats and paste the ready made template. Ta dah.

Then there was a beta weekend for stress testing Elder Scrolls Online. From 2,5 days I was able to be online in the game for perhaps 2-3 hours. Friday night I was able to log in with only one of the races available, and only for the intro part. The first real game area wouldn’t load.

On Saturday I got to play through the first area, but second wouldn’t load. Sunday I got just a little forward again – just to get idle logged out while eating. When I came back, the log in queue was close to 2 hours, so that was that for ESO.

I think I was around level 5, only did some solo questing and didn’t see any group or real mmo content yet. Only way I could determine which characters around me were players, was the animation of them constantly looking at a map. No one has name tags and there wasn’t any option to turn them on, only health bars. My biggest problem was finding a vendor when my inventory got full, since they a) don’t have name tags, b) are not marked on map and c) don’t look any different to any other character standing or walking around. The only way to find them was to look for carts full of fish and other things that might be on sale, and click around the people around it hoping one of them was the npc that has “store” as chat option.

I saw a video today of the first couple of instances and it didn’t look bad, shame I didn’t have the chance to try any of it myself yet. Can’t say much about the game yet based on this little experience. Except that the world is oh, so gray. The graphics and textures were great, but there is enough of grey scale depression in real life nature right now, I need something more colorful in games.

What’s next? I downloaded Warframe from Steam last night. It’s a free multiplayer shooter in beta phase, and so far that’s pretty much everything I know about it. After a short intro I found myself from some sort of group run with 3 other players. Kill everything that moves, loot everything that shines, that’s it. Player progression seemed to be gaining all kinds of mods to improve gear and skills. The simple interface had chat and clan windows. Trying to get in the same group run with hubby was already difficult, not even sure how we managed to do in the end, just got a lot of error messages to start with.

Warframe reminded me a lot of Global Agenda, and that’s not a bad thing.  Will have to test more.

Level completed: 2013

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It’s really been over two months already? And I’m still in the same game! Ha!

End of the year just flew by it seems, welcome to 2014. I’ll be facing plumbing renovations at home starting next week and lasting at least a couple of months, let’s see how that goes. At least there will be some 2-3 day periods without water and have to empty a storage room that is currently full of stuff all the way to the door and some areas inside the apartment too…

We had relatives visiting over Christmas and naturally used the opportunity to go out, for example movies and a bar night – I found myself out at a nightclub at 4am, that only happens ~ once a year!

Of course I’ve found some time to play in the middle of all this. The game is still the same Guild Wars 2. Tested a bit some earlier Steam purchases like Borderlands 2 and have a lot of others waiting to be installed, but I’m still hooked on the mmo genre.

We decided to solve the problem of different home servers by me switching over. I didn’t have any 80s yet, so I just emptied the characters from items and deleted them and restarted in Gandara. Now I’ve got an 80 elementalist, close to 70 guardian and next up in line is mesmer somewhere between 20 and 30. Elementalist has been favourite now, I like being able to cycle through the elements and having so big variety of skills to use. Guardian is my favourite for wvw, the survivability feels great after staff ele.

I skipped the starting levels by crafting this time, taking just a bit of time (perhaps 30-45 minutes per craft with no stress about the pace, but there are even quicker guides for it) for cooking and two other crafts up to 400 boosts you nicely to a bit quicker start. It doesn’t cost much since I got to keep all the mats in bank through the server change. Also, it’s a handy feature in GW2 that you can switch between professions without losing the skill points. Having started with cook and then switching to two other proffs, I’ve just deactivated cooking but it remains at 400, so I can just activate it back if I need to craft something.

My first 80 has been doing dungeons, fractals and world bosses while the guardian is joining guild wvw events and levelling. Playing casually and doing a bit of everything in the game is entertaining, I haven’t taken it to any serious level of grinding at all. The most grinding so far was repeating the bell choir event for Christmas event, and I actually liked it. Shame there isn’t any additional reward for scoring 600/600. I’d rather do that than try the nightmare-beyond-hell-annoyance of a jumping puzzle! I’ve never ever, ever, ever liked pixel jumping and this game isn’t any exception to that. Somewhere in the dev’s heart they must find some excitement knowing how many swear words will be shouted while trying to get through the twisted routes they’ve created.

Guild WvWars

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I’ve hopped into a new game again! Oh, you weren’t surprised? Me neither.

Since I wasn’t able to get TSW working, after getting it working I got the same exact loading screen issue the next day and decided to give up. Rift went to the point where levelling and alts felt meh and I should have started raiding to stay in the game. But that needs time and a progress guild, which I didn’t have.

Moving on to Guild Wars 2. I haven’t played Guild Wars 1 at all, tested GW2 in beta but didn’t start playing it. There was something in the beta that we didn’t like, and I had the image it would be mainly pvp game, which is not my priority. Having ended up in a situation where I didn’t have anything to play – and being without any games for weeks – I had the itch to try out something again. One day, someone mentioned a Guild Wars 2 trial period. We had a relative visiting and I wasn’t able to try it right away, but the trial got extended for another weekend. Two days left of the trial, I downloaded the game and played it alone a few hours. By Monday, both me and my husband were playing on paid accounts. I had completely forgotten he actually bought the game on release but we didn’t end up playing it back then.

Right now the game seems fun (like they all do in the beginning!), but there is still a lot of it I haven’t seen or even tried out yet. I have all 5 character slots in use with different races and classes. They are all quite evenly enjoyable to play so don’t really have a main selected yet. The one that I play mostly together with husband is the highest level and that one is around 35 now, so still a lot to see and do.

First mistake was that I didn’t understand the warning that came when selecting server. You can create characters on only one server.  That doesn’t stop you from playing on other servers though, because there is a guest-button that let’s you log in another server. Haven’t noticed yet if there is any other things related to this than missing out on pvp buffs which only apply on your home server.

Questing is rather smooth, you can quite freely pick where you go and in what order you do things. There is lots and lots of zone events, interest points to visit, npc’s to help with variety of tasks, hidden puzzles and of course, pvp. The only pvp I’ve taken part so far is the world vs world. The maps are huge and if your team isn’t exactly pwning the others, you’ll end up running again and again from the starting point. Still, fun! Felt a bit like Alterac Valley, trying to have an organized team taking control points and getting completely crushed by a red zerg wagon appearing behind your back.

The holy trinity is not present in GW2; there are no pure healers, just supports and self heals. No idea yet how much real tanks are needed, there is a guardian class so I presume it is a requirement in the higher end. I created a variety of characters to try out a bit of everything, and all of them are able to solo the leveling. Elementalist is the caster mage type, necromancer is a warlock with pets, casting and leeching, and mesmer is a caster that keeps creating decoys for more dmg and crowd control. I also made an engineer, who’s specialty is of course gadgets – all kinds of turrets, mines, etc. The highest level character I play currently is a warrior. Not sure how this happened, but yes, I’m playing a melee dmg and liking it! Quite sure this is the first time ever that has happened. I have to admit though, half the time I’m playing it with a bow as ranged dps, but smashing things with 2H sword is mighty fun. (Sidenote; the mesmer is using a 2H sword too, but for casting a beam, pewpew!)

Haven’t played through one single dungeon yet, but there is a LFG tool so will try to get some experience on them soon.

Have to share this from last night… about midnight, I was about to log off and go to sleep, just one more interest point and the map is done (as in all teleport and interest points found etc.), and then I saw one mineral node and went to mine it. Next I see a weird looking gadget next to the node. On closer inspection it turns out to be a machine that pops out from the ground every now and then. Naturally, I have to go stand on it to see what happens. It tossed me up on a ledge. A few steps and I saw another machine, tossing me straight forward to another ledge. After that there didn’t seem to be anything to go to… until I accidentally walked though the cliff wall. It was a fake wall! After a bunch of machine hopping and bit of maze I found a place inside the mountain. There were a few mobs around, lots of pixel jumping to do, and the reward was chests containing gear. I had no idea the game has puzzles like this too, so you can imagine how surprised I was with the first machine and fake cliff.

And I fool you not, it took two hours before I checked the time again and realized I really should be sleeping already. It is quite amazing what kind of experiences you get by playing a game like this with no pre-reading, youtube videos or knowledge of the content whatsoever.  Just create a toon, go out in the world and see what happens.