DefianceSo, Defiance. I decided to buy it, 50€ spent and no subscription, might aswell check it out while waiting for NW.

After the first session I felt disappointed; did I just spend money on this? I’m soloing the game just like playing Halo alone, riding around with vehicles I hate driving and killing stuff, mostly humanoids and alien bugs. It doesn’t feel like a multiplayer game, I could have been alone in the game and offline without any difference. Nobody talks in chat, ever, nor uses voice comms. I didn’t see the need of grouping, but soloing got boring very soon.

Next day I brought the husband with me. And it got better. He seemed to feel just as confused about the game as I did to start with, but after a while we got the hang of it. Duoing the missions made them  more interesting, we can plan attacks together, use a bait&sniper combo or meatwall&healer combo. We took part in the zone events which are a bit like the ones in Rift; hostile aliens suddenly spawning in a marked spot on the map – plan of action is to go to the red area, kill everything and get rewards. Right now the amount of players that pop in for the zone events is enough to make the encounter too easy, just spam shoot everything till they die and that’s it. Still nice change to run into them. There is also lots of smaller events happening everywhere, you just get an alert on screen that someone nearby could use your help. You can ignore it or go kill the mobs and get some xp and drops. There is also lots of repeatable quests, like timed races with the vehicles and hotspots, which can for example spawn mobs endlessly in a small area you have to stay in and kill as many as you can, before they get you. I tried one in the first evening to see what the heck it was; I scored just over 600, and the top score for that spot was just over 4 mil 😀

I’ve got my level (EGO in this game) to 200 and have so far unlocked one co-op map. We did it a few times and it was fun, but desperately need more options. I googled the requirements and found hints that progressing in story line missions are needed for unlocking more of them too, not just the level. Co-op feels very much like Global Agenda, team of four players gets together by group finder tool and teleports into the instance. Everyone can go full on dps, no roles needed really. The hp recovery is so quick, that dodging the worst attacks is enough. And if you die, you can self ress once and after that your team mates can ress. If they don’t have the time for it due to combat interrupting, you can release at a spot which usually isn’t very far back.

PVP as you know ain’t my cup of tea so I’ll most likely avoid that mostly, we tested one shadow war and that was enough of it.

Graphics are decent quality, but I miss being able to pan around the camera view and take screenshots, only way for screenies is frapsing or just saving the shot with paint one by one. That and the controls are result of the game being made for consoles too, I can see that this is probably very playable on them, but I just prefer mouse and keyboard controlling.

So, not very much depth in the content, straight forward open world shooting action. It’s an ok way to spend an hour or two in the evening for fun, but I can’t see myself committing to this more than that. Right now it feels just like Halo. Let’s see how it feels after watching some of the series.


~ by lvlinglife on April 10, 2013.

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