I admit, I’m a game-hopper. The longest time I’ve spent in the same game and community were in World of Warcraft release time. After that I’ve tested nearly all new mmo releases. I also end up in a new guild sooner or later, because the ones I’ve been in haven’t been active enough to stay in other games. Either the core players quit soon and the guild doesn’t survive that, or it doesn’t become active enough for end game.

So, the latest hopping around I’ve done is happening between Defiance, Neverwinter and Rift. Defiance is kinda nice, I rarely play shooters like that (Global Agenda was the one that kept me going for the longest time), but it hasn’t gotten me really hooked at any point. The TV serie was ok, but for example Fringe was a lot better. I’m not really able to pinpoint what exactly it’s missing, but just like the game, I don’t mind being without it.

Neverwinter seems to be falling to the same category. The characters are too much alike when it comes to skills and visuals. The game style feels pretty limited, there’s so few skills you can equip to use at the same time it doesn’t leave much room for variety. The targeting system is making healing slightly impossible; having a group of players and all their companions running around and having to actually los target the player you want to heal is a tricky combo. Questing is very straight-forward, pick up shinies or kill stuff. Foundry quests bring a difference to questing, but I doubt it is enough to make the game a success. And it’s not a secret I hate all the ptw things, if it’s a ftp game, I’m not going to spend rl money on enchants or respecs etc.

I mentioned earlier I downloaded Rift again, and seems it still has something the other games are missing. I played the first map through on a cleric and mage and both were still fun. Rift might be the one for a while again, if the ftp works out. The change happens on June 12th, read more here: And if you’d want to get more character slots and bag space on a new account, there’s a reward option in Raptr: start with the free client and track in hours on Raptr, you’ll get the game for free. Read more here:

As a sidenote, I changed job and the summer has seriously kicked in, so there’s plenty of rl things keeping me afk. Somewhere between all the swimming and bbq and chillin’ outside, there’s always time for one more lvl 🙂


~ by lvlinglife on June 3, 2013.

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