Guild WvWars

I’ve hopped into a new game again! Oh, you weren’t surprised? Me neither.

Since I wasn’t able to get TSW working, after getting it working I got the same exact loading screen issue the next day and decided to give up. Rift went to the point where levelling and alts felt meh and I should have started raiding to stay in the game. But that needs time and a progress guild, which I didn’t have.

Moving on to Guild Wars 2. I haven’t played Guild Wars 1 at all, tested GW2 in beta but didn’t start playing it. There was something in the beta that we didn’t like, and I had the image it would be mainly pvp game, which is not my priority. Having ended up in a situation where I didn’t have anything to play – and being without any games for weeks – I had the itch to try out something again. One day, someone mentioned a Guild Wars 2 trial period. We had a relative visiting and I wasn’t able to try it right away, but the trial got extended for another weekend. Two days left of the trial, I downloaded the game and played it alone a few hours. By Monday, both me and my husband were playing on paid accounts. I had completely forgotten he actually bought the game on release but we didn’t end up playing it back then.

Right now the game seems fun (like they all do in the beginning!), but there is still a lot of it I haven’t seen or even tried out yet. I have all 5 character slots in use with different races and classes. They are all quite evenly enjoyable to play so don’t really have a main selected yet. The one that I play mostly together with husband is the highest level and that one is around 35 now, so still a lot to see and do.

First mistake was that I didn’t understand the warning that came when selecting server. You can create characters on only one server.  That doesn’t stop you from playing on other servers though, because there is a guest-button that let’s you log in another server. Haven’t noticed yet if there is any other things related to this than missing out on pvp buffs which only apply on your home server.

Questing is rather smooth, you can quite freely pick where you go and in what order you do things. There is lots and lots of zone events, interest points to visit, npc’s to help with variety of tasks, hidden puzzles and of course, pvp. The only pvp I’ve taken part so far is the world vs world. The maps are huge and if your team isn’t exactly pwning the others, you’ll end up running again and again from the starting point. Still, fun! Felt a bit like Alterac Valley, trying to have an organized team taking control points and getting completely crushed by a red zerg wagon appearing behind your back.

The holy trinity is not present in GW2; there are no pure healers, just supports and self heals. No idea yet how much real tanks are needed, there is a guardian class so I presume it is a requirement in the higher end. I created a variety of characters to try out a bit of everything, and all of them are able to solo the leveling. Elementalist is the caster mage type, necromancer is a warlock with pets, casting and leeching, and mesmer is a caster that keeps creating decoys for more dmg and crowd control. I also made an engineer, who’s specialty is of course gadgets – all kinds of turrets, mines, etc. The highest level character I play currently is a warrior. Not sure how this happened, but yes, I’m playing a melee dmg and liking it! Quite sure this is the first time ever that has happened. I have to admit though, half the time I’m playing it with a bow as ranged dps, but smashing things with 2H sword is mighty fun. (Sidenote; the mesmer is using a 2H sword too, but for casting a beam, pewpew!)

Haven’t played through one single dungeon yet, but there is a LFG tool so will try to get some experience on them soon.

Have to share this from last night… about midnight, I was about to log off and go to sleep, just one more interest point and the map is done (as in all teleport and interest points found etc.), and then I saw one mineral node and went to mine it. Next I see a weird looking gadget next to the node. On closer inspection it turns out to be a machine that pops out from the ground every now and then. Naturally, I have to go stand on it to see what happens. It tossed me up on a ledge. A few steps and I saw another machine, tossing me straight forward to another ledge. After that there didn’t seem to be anything to go to… until I accidentally walked though the cliff wall. It was a fake wall! After a bunch of machine hopping and bit of maze I found a place inside the mountain. There were a few mobs around, lots of pixel jumping to do, and the reward was chests containing gear. I had no idea the game has puzzles like this too, so you can imagine how surprised I was with the first machine and fake cliff.

And I fool you not, it took two hours before I checked the time again and realized I really should be sleeping already. It is quite amazing what kind of experiences you get by playing a game like this with no pre-reading, youtube videos or knowledge of the content whatsoever.  Just create a toon, go out in the world and see what happens.


~ by lvlinglife on October 22, 2013.

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