Level completed: 2013

It’s really been over two months already? And I’m still in the same game! Ha!

End of the year just flew by it seems, welcome to 2014. I’ll be facing plumbing renovations at home starting next week and lasting at least a couple of months, let’s see how that goes. At least there will be some 2-3 day periods without water and have to empty a storage room that is currently full of stuff all the way to the door and some areas inside the apartment too…

We had relatives visiting over Christmas and naturally used the opportunity to go out, for example movies and a bar night – I found myself out at a nightclub at 4am, that only happens ~ once a year!

Of course I’ve found some time to play in the middle of all this. The game is still the same Guild Wars 2. Tested a bit some earlier Steam purchases like Borderlands 2 and have a lot of others waiting to be installed, but I’m still hooked on the mmo genre.

We decided to solve the problem of different home servers by me switching over. I didn’t have any 80s yet, so I just emptied the characters from items and deleted them and restarted in Gandara. Now I’ve got an 80 elementalist, close to 70 guardian and next up in line is mesmer somewhere between 20 and 30. Elementalist has been favourite now, I like being able to cycle through the elements and having so big variety of skills to use. Guardian is my favourite for wvw, the survivability feels great after staff ele.

I skipped the starting levels by crafting this time, taking just a bit of time (perhaps 30-45 minutes per craft with no stress about the pace, but there are even quicker guides for it) for cooking and two other crafts up to 400 boosts you nicely to a bit quicker start. It doesn’t cost much since I got to keep all the mats in bank through the server change. Also, it’s a handy feature in GW2 that you can switch between professions without losing the skill points. Having started with cook and then switching to two other proffs, I’ve just deactivated cooking but it remains at 400, so I can just activate it back if I need to craft something.

My first 80 has been doing dungeons, fractals and world bosses while the guardian is joining guild wvw events and levelling. Playing casually and doing a bit of everything in the game is entertaining, I haven’t taken it to any serious level of grinding at all. The most grinding so far was repeating the bell choir event for Christmas event, and I actually liked it. Shame there isn’t any additional reward for scoring 600/600. I’d rather do that than try the nightmare-beyond-hell-annoyance of a jumping puzzle! I’ve never ever, ever, ever liked pixel jumping and this game isn’t any exception to that. Somewhere in the dev’s heart they must find some excitement knowing how many swear words will be shouted while trying to get through the twisted routes they’ve created.


~ by lvlinglife on January 2, 2014.

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