Testing, testing

Just updated my “Now playing”-list and realized I’m not really playing anything right now.  GW2 addiction faded away, even though my son seems to be still playing it rarely so I might pop online just to help him if needed.

The latest patch brought two new world events to GW2; a permanent world boss (jungle wurm) and another other one for shorter time (don’t even know if it ended yet, haven’t been online to see) – Twisted Marionette in Lornar’s pass. The wurm needed a few days of tactics planning and training before it got killed (by Deso). I went to see it a few times and also did one guild alliance attempt on it, but didn’t see a kill myself. Nice fight that requires more players compared to other stuff in the game.

The Mario event was – to my surprise – pretty much a game killer. The event itself was fun: there is 5 areas (lanes separated by mountain) that all need around 15-25 players in them. All of them start spawning enemies at the same time, and only group at a time goes to second phase which devides the players of that lane to smaller groups that fight a pre-determined boss in a sealed area without being able to help others. All groups must succeed within a time limit, and the whole event needs 5 successful 2-phases.

Now the problem is, that these events happened both on a 2-hour cycle, so every hour one of them started. To start with, only the main instance of LP started to succeed with the Mario event, so that led to players camping the zone to avoid overflow. A few days later nothing else was happening in the game; players were waiting in these world event zones for the next attempt to start, not going anywhere else or doing anything else. Just standing and waiting, afking and alt-tabbing carefully to avoid idle log out. Guild chat got swamped with taxi requests (player joining party instance) to main LP.

The loot from the event was ok even though if it failed, so I can understand why so many wanted to repeat it all day round, but I got fed up with it. Also my other half lost interest in the game which usually means I’m gone soon too. I got emails advertising new content being released this week, but it remains to be seen if I find the motivation to go take a look. Its a nice game as a ftp to keep in reserve installed.

Then what? Testing time. First the Everquest Next Landmark Alpha started. Beta is still over a month away, and there is very little to do yet. Basically all you can do is rum around gathering minerals and wood and then go build stuff. You can build anything that comes in to your mind, but with a limited amount and variety of tools. There is plenty of images online to check what folks have come up with sofar,  some really amazing stuff.

The point is that you can save a template from what you build now, and those templates will carry on to EQN release. That means you don’t have to “waste” game time on release to building your dream castle block by block, you can just get the mats and paste the ready made template. Ta dah.

Then there was a beta weekend for stress testing Elder Scrolls Online. From 2,5 days I was able to be online in the game for perhaps 2-3 hours. Friday night I was able to log in with only one of the races available, and only for the intro part. The first real game area wouldn’t load.

On Saturday I got to play through the first area, but second wouldn’t load. Sunday I got just a little forward again – just to get idle logged out while eating. When I came back, the log in queue was close to 2 hours, so that was that for ESO.

I think I was around level 5, only did some solo questing and didn’t see any group or real mmo content yet. Only way I could determine which characters around me were players, was the animation of them constantly looking at a map. No one has name tags and there wasn’t any option to turn them on, only health bars. My biggest problem was finding a vendor when my inventory got full, since they a) don’t have name tags, b) are not marked on map and c) don’t look any different to any other character standing or walking around. The only way to find them was to look for carts full of fish and other things that might be on sale, and click around the people around it hoping one of them was the npc that has “store” as chat option.

I saw a video today of the first couple of instances and it didn’t look bad, shame I didn’t have the chance to try any of it myself yet. Can’t say much about the game yet based on this little experience. Except that the world is oh, so gray. The graphics and textures were great, but there is enough of grey scale depression in real life nature right now, I need something more colorful in games.

What’s next? I downloaded Warframe from Steam last night. It’s a free multiplayer shooter in beta phase, and so far that’s pretty much everything I know about it. After a short intro I found myself from some sort of group run with 3 other players. Kill everything that moves, loot everything that shines, that’s it. Player progression seemed to be gaining all kinds of mods to improve gear and skills. The simple interface had chat and clan windows. Trying to get in the same group run with hubby was already difficult, not even sure how we managed to do in the end, just got a lot of error messages to start with.

Warframe reminded me a lot of Global Agenda, and that’s not a bad thing.  Will have to test more.


~ by lvlinglife on February 17, 2014.

One Response to “Testing, testing”

  1. It’s interesting to see someone else say the world looks too grey. I assume you mean in Morrowind/Ebonheart. I did feel like the rain went on a little too long. I really hope they add the nameplates at some point. Glad to hear someone else confirm their frustration with that. 🙂

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