Twinkle twinkle Wildstar

Another Wildstar Beta weekend gone, and I’m trying to gather my thoughts about it. First of all I’ll admit that we only played for a couple of hours tops, rest of the gaming hours went to Warframe instead.

Its an mmo, there’s questing, player housing, pvp, raiding, dungeons, adventures, more pvp options I have no clue about, crafting, factions to gain reputation with, bunnies and mechs, overly cute graphics, and whatnot. I shouldn’t be asking for more, so what is the problem then?

After two weekends I still haven’t seen life after level 15, and I haven’t been in one single group run of any kind. The questing was the textbook kill x amount of y mostly, but there is some variation to it (and all the beta user queries are popping after those fun ones only.) Last week I heard about their weird way of handling the beta testers (Bizarre level chart here) based on what level one gained, which I thought was absurd. What else would one spend the first beta they get in, if not testing all possible races, classes and starting areas? Well, apparently Wildstar thinks it would have been better idea to just make one character and boost level it without stopping to look around at all. What a bunch of bs.

I aimed to see the player housing, and although it felt like a nice idea, it was more ready-made than I expected. My experience about player housing comes from SWG, so micromanaging everything would have been fine. Instead you click from menu for example a BBQ spot, and ta-dah, a template based area pops up on your yard. You can change wallpapers, roofs, etc. and choose the surroundings from different weather and landscape options. And at the same time, Star Wars The Old Republic is bringing player housing in the game too, wonder which one of these two has more detailed options to customise it.

The big question is the subscription; would it really make sense to pay monthly fee for the game? Or are those days behind me already? I have no intention to spend hours on it daily, and I assume I won’t be able to make enough cash to buy gametime ig. I would have my trinity group ready, if there was a game everyone liked enough to start it, but right now there’s nothing on the market to take that place. There is some good old ones, but once you’ve seen them, that’s it, there is no going back. I’ve tried that a few times now, but the second time never has the same effect. (Which btw, does not apply to rl things! Completely odd and out of place remark, but I had to say it.)

Comparing the two weekends I’ve seen of it, the first one was quite smooth and fun, second one was buggy and boring. I think the level cap of 17 (since I didn’t go over the ridiculous 30+ earlier) kinda killed the idea to start with, I already tested the races and classes first time and got to level 14, what more could the last 3 levels possibly reveal that I didn’t already see? So I kinda gave up on it right away. And played Warframe instead. More about that in another post.

Meanwhile you could consider ordering me one of these Warframe Ninja Hoodies. Although, I don’t play it ninja style, I just run in to the room and blow up everything three seconds later.


(Odd remark #2: Why the old NCSoft accounts don’t work? I played Aion for a long time and merged accounts when the email about it came, still had to make a new one now for Wildstar because the old one just said the account exists but all games linked to it are long gone. Another bunch of bs.)


~ by lvlinglife on March 25, 2014.

2 Responses to “Twinkle twinkle Wildstar”

  1. I have played the Wildstar beta sparingly, I basically used it to try out what I saw as the core elements of the game that would have me interested in buying it at launch. In my case this was mainly pvp, combat and as you mention the housing system (which I didnt get high enough to see).

    Overall I was impressed without being blown away, graphically and humor wise this game is awesome. Some think its too cartoony but for me it fits the tongue in cheek vibe that seems to be the pillar of the game. Combat was extremely fun and interesting and helped alleviate my concerns that it would be too repetitive ala GW 2. I think they have did a great job with the number of abilities and choices to upgrade them + the AMP system. Its just a lot deeper than i first imagined which is great.

    Some of the things which I kind of disliked was the questing hubs and the overwhelming amount of quests/ challenges/ paths you get off the bat. Im familiar with mmos having played almost all major releases in the past 8 years or so but never before have i felt so confused as with wildstar questing. I cant even put my finger on my main problem with it, it just feels clunky.

    Still I saw enough over my few days to know its a must buy for me, I’m currently playing WoW *hangs head in shame* and to be honest I just need something with enough meat on its bones to move on to and wildstar seems to offer that.

  2. Wildstar feels like a true successor to WoW. It takes those days of harder mobs and grinding and takes out the more tedious elements. The action is more frantic and fluid and jumping means something strategically. I know this isn’t everyone’s expectations of the next big MMO but Carbine has passionately made a quality product that I think deserves the price and sub model. If it ain’t broke, right?

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