Please no Hanzo

And suddenly it happened, I started playing PVP. My work colleague had an extra code for a game and asked if I wanted to buy it. And I did. Overwatch, here I come.

I used to hate PVP and avoid it with the exception of Global Agenda. The thing is, that I used to lack the time to play, and the situation hasn’t changed on that. Well actually it has, I now have even less time to play. One’s gotta choose, sleep or gaming, what’s it going to be? I really missed playing, it is my hobby and I enjoy it. I missed grouping up but I needed a game that doesn’t require grinding or boss training till 4am. Turns out Overwatch works for this purpose quite nicely. I’ve been already playing it a few months now and still not bored. The only flaws are salty people and sometimes difficulty to find people to play ranked matches with. I’ve found some though, made friends online, joined a guild again, had a lot of laughs and fun. And also frustrating nights where I get grouped with people playing so bad it’s beyond trolling.

If I used to be the grand old lady playing, I really am now! Most of the people I end up playing with are half my age or even less. That ain’t bothering me though, but I have gotten more picky about who to play with. And why wouldn’t I, less time to enjoy the games, why waste it on something silly or annoying.

So, the games are still not over.




~ by lvlinglife on October 5, 2017.

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