About me

My blog is about the games I find and try, the experiences in both good and bad.

I started from video games, was terrorized by syntax errors as a teenager with SVI 728 and C64, lost countless nights for console games as a student and started the mmorpg era in 2003 from Star Wars Galaxies.

My calling in the games is healing; I tend to start every game with a healing class. The second character, the first alt, is usually a nuker type (mage or similar), which I create when I get fed up with the fact that my main can’t kill a fly or is getting ganked.

I’m a pve gamer who engages in pvp only when aggroed. If I get to choose the server, I go to pve. I enjoy pvp only when it is done in large groups, in raids in open world or massive battlegrounds. RP isn’t really my priority either. I like raiding and my goal is to be part of end game content.

In real life I have a family, two children,  full time job and always someone or something needing my help or attention. Somewhere in between, there’s always time for one more level.


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  1. Thanks for the follow! Looking forward to your future posts!

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